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Female massage therapist Mechelle

Welcome to Massage with Mechelle

A safe and respectful space

I am a qualified massage therapist since 2011 and have dedicated years of knowledge, training and commitment to the massage industry whilst owning two of Cape Town's well appreciated facilities between 2013 - 2022. I pride myself in professionalism, discretion and possessing great tact in how I present myself, my environment and your overall experience with me.


078 2746881

Massage therapist Mechelle


Step away from your daily stresses and into a peaceful, orderly appointed massage space where I nourish the body during unrushed time away from your pressured schedule and worldly worries. Feel your energy being replenished and your body revived by my holistic touch. Utilizing my services over time we will build into a relationship of trust, open communication and respect. Whilst my massage services do offer a release, I am in no way a 'Happy Ending' service and steer away from the 'toss and jerk' approach. I aim to offer you something you are unable to offer yourself and take pride in my work and the manner in which I execute your experience. 

I specialize in firm pressured services offering an holistic approach to an unrushed and structured service. My massages are full body ending with a release focused on health benefits therefor the process is slow, offering a therapeutic approach whilst massaging the scrotum and perineum and building towards an intense, therapeutic and powerful release, offering you a method you cannot offer yourself. 

After enjoying a full body massage we turn focus onto the male pelvic floor located between the navel and thighs back and front starting from the pelvis that extends from your pubic bone to your coccyx. Pelvic floor massage is extremely beneficial and can help treat or prevent chronic pain and other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction as you age ,as well as assist in releasing blockages allowing you to enjoy sex and have more powerful orgasms with your partner. Note this massage offers direct massage within the genitals building to a slow, highly stimulating and powerful release that should happen naturally as appose to 'forced' or withheld. Note that the experience is different for everyone.


  • My services are offered weekdays and runs on the following slots: 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm  weekdays. Saturday 10am and 11:30am.

  • I work by appointment only and appreciate working with gents who respects that wasted time costs me income.

  • My time is extremely valuable as I juggle many responsibilities and last minute cancellations will warrant full payment due upon a next visit, paid via eft or payment link prior to any further appointments will be granted.

  • Late arrivals will have remaining time adjusted and full service fee will still apply.

  • Payments are in Cash, Snapscan,  Eft or Credit Card with an added 3% surcharge paid at the end of your service.

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